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Patrons & Supporters

Anyone can be a KEJI supporter!

Because KEJI realizes the hardships that today’s families are faced with and the additional strains placed on families with family members who have specific needs, general meetings are open to the public FREE of charge and provide valuable information as well as a direct contact representative to beneficial services/resources available to our community. Official KEJI membership is not required to benefit from these informative meetings.

KEJI members are families that have been impacted by the stigma of disability labels and who are passionate about making positive social changes regarding our diversely-abled community by networking, contributing to scholarships, passing along resource information, educating themselves and sharing their knowledge, volunteering talents, and participating in local events, forums, and/or meetings that promote the success of persons who carry disability labels. The yearly $25 membership fee accommodates an entire nuclear family and related benefits applies to every member of one household. Membership can have its benefits and entitles the participating family all services, including but not limited to educational workshops, community support services, resume services, learning assessments, priority IEP and 504 support, scholarships, discounts, and legal referrals, available at the time of membership. Please note, most services are offered to KEJI on a volunteer or donation basis and are subject to change without notice.

Membership fees are used to offset the costs of providing resources to our community members who have specific needs, to build scholarship funds and provide other resource services. No general membership monies are used to pay for services from any board member, their families, or for services from special and guest speakers.

Persons serving on the Executive Board and Board of Advisors are dedicated volunteers who share KEJI’s goals and philosophies regarding the advancement of persons with specific challenges. Executive Board and Board of Advisors membership fees are $25.00 annually. Any person interested in serving on the Board of Advisors should request an interview in writing. Requests are to be sent to ATTN: Robin Bruce, KEJI, P.O. Box 24866, Denver, CO 80224. There are no vacancies in the Executive Board at this time.

Any persons or organizations interested in donating to the scholarship fund may contact Robin Bruce at 303-751-3033 or click on Contact Us page and request further information or send us feedback. Thank you.